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Monday, May 28, 2012

Playing Hooky

From the torch.  It's been months.  About as long since I last blogged here.  I'm busier over here.  

Last week, I flew up to Myrtle Beach to spend a few days with my best friend.  She lives just a couple towns into North Carolina.

I haven't seen her in almost two years.  Two years too long.

Her family is my second family.  It has been that way since the eighth grade.  I loved seeing them and wish I had had more time with her folks and seester.

I spent hours inside her spa each day, catching up with her Mom and editing wedding images.  I met her clients and employees and thought it was fabulous that she now has her own spa and is doing what she loves every day (massage therapy).

And it made me realize that while parts of our lives are very different, some are running parallel.  I am finally (FINALLY) doing what I love.  Spending soooo much more time with my family.  And so much more time with my camera.  

Leaving the phone company wasn't an easy decision.  It was what I had known (and come to depend on) for well over a decade.  The last six years were spent in my office downstairs.  Which was also shared space with my torch.  The former tainted the latter in that I have really avoided that room for the last eight months.  I am finally no longer jumping or noticing my heart rate leap for the sky when my old blackberry ringtone sounds on someone else's phone in public.  I think I'm ready to venture back into my office/studio space on a more regular basis now.  I miss the hiss of oxygen from my torch and the gentle pull of melting glass.  

I miss playing with fire.


lunedreams said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your old friend! Playing hooky is good! Especially with wonderful people. Hope you and your torch have an equally joyful reunion! (Maybe it's time to redecorate the office/studio to erase those nasty memories. Sounds reasonable to me!)

TesoriTrovati said...

Yea for a vacation with your buddy! I am looking forward to Bead & Button for that very reason. And I will secretly jump for joy when you decide that the torch is your friend again. But take your time and do it when it feels right to you... or not. I enjoy watching your photography unfold and that chapter of your life being lived. I need my own courage to face the world without that nine to five. Thanks for checking in with us, Miss Kelley! Enjoy the day.
Erin said...

Sometimes our jobs suck the creativity out of us and even though it's been months, it just takes some time for our creativity to return. I cannot wait to see what comes forth after this period of rest and yay for time with an old friend!

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